Friday, July 17, 2009

Trackies and Uggs (Urghhh...)

One week on living in the city and I think I might have already become a bit of a city fashion snob. Last night I ventured back to the burbs to see the new Harry Potter flick with friends (PS. don’t bother spending $19, wait for the DVD), and was noticeably shocked by the presence of several young ladies wandering Knox Shopping Centre in tracksuit pants and Ugg boots. Maybe I just never noticed it before, or maybe I have spent too much time on Chapel Street recently, but when did it become okay to wear these items, together, out in public?

As I walked around the fashion precinct looking at the gorgeous new season outfits adorning the windows, I couldn’t help but look as these girls and wonder what possessed them to leave the house looking like that. There is a time and place for trackies and Ugg’s, and the shopping centre is not it.* Not to mention, some were with their mothers and these women really should know better.

I will confess, I do own not one, but two pairs of Ugg boots, and about three pairs of tracksuit pants. Of these five items, I think I would only actually wear one outside the four walls of my house. They are what I like to call, more ‘upmarket’ Ugg boots: boots that are ok when teamed with skinny leg jeans and a fitted jacket to a movie night with the girls or dinner at mum and dads. Tracksuit pants are only good for Friday nights on the couch and when I muster the energy to go to the gym at 6am on a weekday.

And speaking of exercise, last night I completed my first full lap of Albert Park lake. There is some debate as to whether the track is 4.7km or 5km or somewhere in between, but for arguments sake, let’s say it was 5km and be done with it (cause it certainly felt like 5km!).

It was a beautiful night in Melbourne, and as I walked around I wondered why anyone could want to live anywhere else. One week down and two to go in the city… whatever will next week bring?

Albert Park Lake at Dusk, Thursday 16th July 2009

*After noticing said tracksuit pants and Ugg’s, and posting comment on Twitter, miss_melbourne asked if wearing trackies and Uggs to Safeway late at night was ok. I will concede this is okay only if one is just ducking in for a) chocolate, b) ice cream or c) tampons.


  1. lol oh no!
    So where are you moving to in 2 weeks?

  2. It's those young girls in the burbs who think trackies and Uggs are Hot!

    I'm a burbs girl myself... but you wouldn't catch me for dead looking like a deads#*t!

    PS- Safeway is OK, I agree!