Sunday, July 12, 2009

Age, Sex and Location Location Location

They say ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’ – the same could be said for my living situation. Does ‘live the way you want to, not the way you are’, have the same ring to it? This weekend was my first doing the inner city living thing and as I sit here on Sunday night assessing it, I have to admit to feeling pretty at home here!

Friday night I stayed in with a DVD but just looking at the lights of the city skyline was entertainment enough. Saturday morning I braved the weather and joined the other diehards (read: idiots) running around Albert Park lake in the wind and rain. Made it 1.5km before I gave up and turned back in favour of a hot shower. That still meant I walked close to 4km and that’s good enough for me!

Then ventured out to Rowville to help a girlfriend and her husband move house. Now I wouldn’t like anyone to get the wrong opinion of me and expect that when they move house that I will be first in line to assist. I don’t do heavy lifting. Or cleaning. Or general unpacking. I offer to do lunch, because it means I can still wear heels and skirt, plus I get brownie points for ‘helping’. Friends’ hubby had bought the muscle power so I figure it’s only fair that someone take on the 1950’s stereotype and feed the troops. Party pies, sausage rolls and chips were the order of the day (it was still pretty darn cold) and the boys were grateful. Not a particularly inventive or original menu, but sometimes you have to realise that men are simple creatures who just want to be fed, and that any kind of culinary delicacy loses it’s appeal when served on home brand paper plates.

Saturday night – friends graduation party, and I was headed south to Moorabbin. Dinner was standard pub fare at the Sandbelt Hotel,, however the Vietnamese Chicken Risotto I had was particularly good! Awesome kid’s area, that even had a fairy with free face painting! Almost makes you want to bring someone else’s kids, just to take advantage of the facilities. We partied on to the Southside Six Over 28s,, with halfprice entry before 10pm and two free drinks. While our group collectively bought the average age of the patrons down about a decade, we strutted our stuff on the podium and gave the gentlemen who looked about 60 wearing a badge that said ‘birthday boy’ something pretty to look at for a few hours. Spent some time star spotting – pretty sure I saw the likes of Kamahl, Donatella Versace and Rose Porteous in the crowd, and don’t even get me started on what some of these women wore out in public. I think there are a few general rules a lady should follow once she reaches a certain age. These include but are not limited to;
1) Tights with shorts over them are a no-no (actually, this is no good for anyone, I don’t care how old you are)
2) Skirts so short we can see your underwear (again, I actually think this rule is also ageless)
3) If you are too old to know what CFM means, you should not be wearing them.

We didn’t pay for a drink all night – the two free on arrival kept us going until we won Midori shakers for dance competition after dance competition. I think it helped that the Midori promo girl was our age and when she was handing out chupa-chups and I commented that she had an awesome job, she advised that no job was worth the lecherous stares of the over 28 crowd (which was really more of an over 48 crowd for most of the room).

Tired feet hours later I crashed at my friends place, and when my physio asks tomorrow what the hell I did on the weekend to stuff my back up so bad, there will be no mention of 10 inch high heels or falling asleep on a couch. Recovery day Sunday started with home cooked bacon and eggs, followed by the trip back to the city. Some quiet reading time and a nap later, I took a walk down Commercial road to Chapel street. Visited the Prahran Market and took in the sights, sounds and smells of the area. Enjoyed a coffee and got some groceries, and took my time walking back. Quite sensibly did not take my credit card, however I will be back because Landes, Sportsgirl and French Connection all stole my heart while I walked the strip and I feel it’s only fair that I visit again.

One weekend down, two more to go, and still so many places to see and explore!

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