Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My (lack of) Sister's Wardrobe

I don’t have any sisters. I have 2 younger brothers, who I might add are both taller than me (so unfair). As much as I tried, and asked and asked for sister, Mum and Dad were done with the three of us. So it was an interesting concept for me to attend the My Sister’s Wardrobe Clothing Exchange Event last night at Federation Square, as the idea of swapping or sharing anything with another girl is fairly foreign to me.My girlfriend and I went along, not sure what to expect but excited at the prospect of swapping our little worn wares for something new and thrilling. The vibe in the air was that one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, and the long line of ladies ready to check in their goods at 6.30pm stretched about 50 metres.

I took along an unworn eBay purchased Cue dress, my first year of Uni formal Syndicate dress, a never worn red Crossroads skirt, hand me down Alannah Hill and Banana Republic skirts and a Portmans wrap shirt I no longer fit into. I was ready to rock.

The announcement came – Ready, Steady, Swap! and the girls were off. About 100 people raced towards the racks, and grabbed at the first things they could their hands on. Dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, shoes, coats, bags, scarves – everything was for the taking. By swapping six items I was entitled to take six, and within 15 minutes I had made my selection.

I came away with three skirts; Review, Anthea Crawford and Jay Jays; Oakley shorts; Wish strapless top and a gorgeous maxi dress that is unlabelled but so pretty I just had to have it. We heard rumours one girl had snapped up a never been worn Scanlon and Theodore dress, while I had seen a Review strapless number with the tags still attached, RRP $249.

While I was quite happy with my swaps, it occurred to me that the screening process at My Sister’s Wardrobe left a bit to be desired. While they claim to look at each garment carefully and only allow the highest quality and good condition, one could bring in a fairly well worn Valleygirl t-shirt and swap it for an MNG leather coat. This is of course the luck of the swap, and the thrill of never knowing what you might find, however it makes you think about the unfortunate girl who bought in the MNG coat who ends up with the scuffed Mollini sandals.

I also felt the clothes could have been sorted better – perhaps by size, or colour, or style, making it easier for the crowd of ladies to search out at least one thing they had come to find.

Otherwise a good night out, the thrill of not knowing what you might get is a deciding factor in attending these events, but if you are looking for something with a bit more of a guarantee of high quality, attend miss greens wardrobe instead.

In coming weeks there are a few vintage and second hand markets to attend!

Round She Goes Market, Camberwell Civic Centre, Sunday 5th July, 10am ($2 entry)

Take 2 Markets, Hawthorn Town Hall, Sunday 19th July, 10am

or visit My Sister’s Wardrobe Clothing Exchange Vintage Special Event
Wednesday 15th July at Lily Black’s (Meyers Place between Lt Collins and Bourke Street, Spring St end of town) $20

As for food today, really don’t know what to tell you today, except perhaps about the wonderful Lemon muffin I had yesterday from Muffin Break at Collins Place. Muffin Break bake the most amazing Gluten Free varieties, and they are perfect every time.

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