Monday, June 15, 2009

Food, Fashion and another city....

You will all be pleased to know, I have returned safely from my minibreak to the detatched bit of Australia otherwise known as Tasmasia.

This was the first time I had visited Launceston (ironically it takes me longer to commute to work in the CBD of Melbourne than it does to fly to Tasmania), and I thought it was a quaint little town, reminded me somewhat of Warrandyte in Melbourne's outer east, with a Bourke St Mall running through the centre.

Sadly, my Hawks did not get up at the game yesterday. Off to a flying start, and then the Lions came in and mauled us. It was all very upsetting, and I was ever so grateful that I had shopping, food and coffee to fall back on.

Number 1 best thing about the weekend? The chocolate and raspberry brownie I had at the cafe at Aurora Stadium.

Number 2 best thing about the weekend? The coffee that came with that brownie!

On Saturday night, my aunt and I went to dinner at a cafe bar called The Metz. If you are ever in Launceston, I highly recommend it! 119 John Street Launceston (6331 7277) Had an amazing meal - chicken breast with fetta cheese, served on risotto with a tomato based sauce, just yummy! And there were cocktails! (several of them actually!) I had the Tropical Dream, a midori and vodka based mix that was pretty and super sweet, and definately hit the spot on a cold Tasmanian night.

The cocktail also served to numb my feet after a weekend of walking around in my stiletto knee high boots (remember the 7kg luggage limit? = only one pair of shoes for the whole weekend!!). My tootsies are still a touch on the painful side this morning. So here is a selection of Mr Bianco's finest (and some are on sale!) so that you can find yourself a wonderful pair of boots to walk around Launceston in that might be a bit more comfy than mine.

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